What if I do not want to be a member of the Settlement Class? How do I exclude myself?

Each Settlement Class Member will be bound by all determinations and judgments in this lawsuit, whether favorable or unfavorable, unless such person or entity timely mails or delivers a written Request for Exclusion from the Settlement Class to the Claims Administrator, addressed to In re Patriot National, Inc. Securities Litigation, EXCLUSIONS, c/o Strategic Claims Services, P.O. Box 230, 600 N. Jackson Street, Suite 205, Media, PA 19063.  The exclusion request must be received no later than October 16, 2019.  You will not be able to exclude yourself from the Settlement Class after that date.  Each Request for Exclusion must (a) state the name, address and telephone number of the person or entity requesting exclusion, and in the case of entities the name and telephone number of the appropriate contact person; (b) state that such person or entity “requests exclusion from the Settlement Class in In re Patriot National, Inc. Securities Litigation, Master File No. 1:17-cv-01866-ER”; (c) identify and state the number of shares of Patriot National common stock that the person or entity requesting exclusion purchased/acquired and/or sold during the Settlement Class Period (i.e., between January 15, 2015 and November 28, 2017, inclusive), as well as the dates and prices of each such purchase/acquisition and sale; and (d) be signed by the person or entity requesting exclusion or an authorized representative.  A Request for Exclusion shall not be valid and effective unless it provides all the information called for in this paragraph and is received within the time stated above, or is otherwise accepted by the Court.

If you do not want to be part of the Settlement Class, you must follow these instructions for exclusion even if you have pending, or wish to later file, another lawsuit, arbitration, or other proceeding relating to any Released Plaintiffs’ Claim against any of the Defendants’ Releasees.

If you ask to be excluded from the Settlement Class, you will not be eligible to receive any payment out of the Net Settlement Fund. 

Defendants have the right to terminate the Settlement if valid requests for exclusion are received from persons and entities entitled to be members of the Settlement Class in an amount that exceeds an amount agreed to by Plaintiffs and Defendants.