How much will my payment be?

At this time, it is not possible to make an exact determination as to how much any individual Settlement Class Member may receive from the Settlement.

Pursuant to the Settlement, Defendants have agreed to cause to be paid, solely from their Directors and Officers insurance policies, six million five hundred thousand dollars ($6,500,000) in cash.  The Settlement Amount will be deposited into an escrow account.  The Settlement Amount plus any interest earned thereon is referred to as the “Settlement Fund.”  If the Settlement is approved by the Court and the Effective Date occurs, the “Net Settlement Fund”—that is, the Settlement Fund less (a) all federal, state and/or local taxes on any income earned by the Settlement Fund and the reasonable costs incurred in connection with determining the amount of and paying taxes owed by the Settlement Fund (including reasonable expenses of tax attorneys and accountants); (b) the costs and expenses incurred in connection with providing notice to Settlement Class Members and administering the Settlement on behalf of Settlement Class Members; (c) any attorneys’ fees and Litigation Expenses awarded by the Court; and (d) any award to the Plaintiffs of the Action for their service on behalf of the class—will be distributed to Settlement Class Members who submit valid Claim Forms, in accordance with the proposed Plan of Allocation or such other plan of allocation as the Court may approve.

The Net Settlement Fund will not be distributed unless and until the Court has approved the Settlement and a plan of allocation, and the time for any petition for rehearing, appeal or review, whether by certiorari or otherwise, has expired and/or such approval is upheld on any appeal.

Neither Defendants nor any other person or entity that paid any portion of the Settlement Amount on their behalf are entitled to get back any portion of the Settlement Fund once the Court’s order or judgment approving the Settlement becomes Final.  Neither will Defendants have any liability, obligation or responsibility for the administration of the Settlement, the disbursement of the Net Settlement Fund or any plan of allocation.

Approval of the Settlement is independent from approval of a plan of allocation.  Any determination with respect to a plan of allocation will not affect the Settlement, if approved. 

Unless the Court otherwise orders, any Settlement Class Member who fails to submit a Claim Form postmarked on or before December 17, 2019 shall be fully and forever barred from receiving payments pursuant to the Settlement but will in all other respects remain a Settlement Class Member and be subject to the provisions of the Stipulation, including the terms of any Judgment entered and the releases given.  This means that each Settlement Class Member releases the Released Plaintiffs’ Claims against the Defendants’ Releasees and will be enjoined and prohibited from filing, prosecuting, or pursuing any of the Released Plaintiffs’ Claims against any of the Defendants’ Releasees, whether or not such Settlement Class Member submits a Claim Form.

Participants in and beneficiaries of a plan covered by ERISA (“ERISA Plan”) should NOT include any information relating to their transactions in Patriot National common stock held through the ERISA Plan in any Claim Form that they may submit in this Action.  They should include ONLY those shares that they purchased or acquired outside of the ERISA Plan.  Claims based on any ERISA Plan’s purchases or acquisitions of Patriot National common stock during the Settlement Class Period may be made by the plan’s trustees.  To the extent any of the Defendants or any of the other persons or entities excluded from the Settlement Class are participants in an ERISA Plan, such persons or entities shall not receive, either directly or indirectly, any portion of the recovery that may be obtained from the Settlement by that ERISA Plan.

The Court has reserved jurisdiction to allow, disallow, or adjust on equitable grounds the Claim of any Settlement Class Member. 

Each Claimant shall be deemed to have submitted to the jurisdiction of the Court with respect to their Claim Form.

Only Settlement Class Members, i.e., persons and entities who purchased or otherwise acquired Patriot National common stock during the Settlement Class Period and were damaged as a result of such purchases or acquisitions, will be eligible to share in the distribution of the Net Settlement Fund.  Persons and entities that are excluded from the Settlement Class by definition or that exclude themselves from the Settlement Class pursuant to request will not be eligible to receive a distribution from the Net Settlement Fund and should not submit Claim Forms.  The only securities that are included in the Settlement are Patriot National common stock.